David S. Burnet

WWDBHS: What Would David Burnet Have Said?

Through the character of David Staats Burnet, Don Steffy, Mt. Healthy Christian Church Historian, will  tell the story of the church’s temporary dissolution in 1855 resulting from differences in the church’s leadership regarding the issue of slavery and abolitionism. Mr. Steffy will present “What Will Become of This Church?” in the character of David Burnet, […]

David S. Burnet

Don’t Miss the Hamilton Avenue Road to Freedom Living History Tours!

The neighborhoods of College Hill, North College Hill and Mt. Healthy will host an event featuring living history tours on September 21, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hamilton Avenue Road to Freedom: Living History Tours is an event for patrons of all ages and will focus on the rich abolitionist history of Hamilton Avenue in the […]


Membership and Meeting Records, 1839 to 1855

Attention all historians and genealogists! The Mt. Healthy Christian Church membership and meeting records from 1839 to 1855 are now available for viewing at the page by the same name under the Archives drop-down menu. These are the same records that Elder Joseph Wright presented at the first Jubilee Celebration in 1889. Of particular importance […]


Calling All Living History Re-Enactment Players!

Ah, yes, the world is a stage and we are all actors (wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Shakespeare?) . . . . and you can select your role of another lifetime at the next planning meeting of the Hamilton Avenue Road to Freedom Living History Tour, July 17th at Cary Cottage in Mt. Healthy, Ohio. If you like to […]


In the Other Land of Lincoln. . . . .

Murphy, North Carolina, is the quiet county seat town of Cherokee County, about an hour west of Franklin on I-64 through the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests in the rolling Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina. Many times over the last four years, I’ve visited this unassuming town of historical significance. My travels there often […]


Honor Without Failing

We celebrate as a nation our National Memorial Day on Monday, May 27, 2013, when we honor our fallen soldiers from all the wars and military actions in which we’ve participated as a nation. The Mt. Healthy Christian Church has contributed some of its own sons and daughters to fight in the many battles fought […]

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The Musical McQuitty Family of Franklin, North Carolina

On May 10 and 11, I visited friends in Franklin, North Carolina. Franklin is the county seat town of Macon County nestled in the Smoky Mountains, about an hour and fifteen minutes southwest of Asheville. I left my hotel room a little after 9 a.m. on Saturday to visit my friends and decided to take […]

Elder Joseph Wright

Leaders Among Us: The Wright Man for the Job

For many years, Elder Joseph Wright led the Mt. Healthy congregation, setting the standard for future church leaders for many years during his lifetime and after his tragic death in 1900. It was under his leadership that the church celebrated its Semi-centennial in 1889, and the first official history of the Mt. Healthy Christian Church […]

The 1885 Mt. Healthy Christian Church Building

The First Fifty Years (1839 to 1889): Historical Address by Elder Joseph Wright

Historical Address. [Delivered by Elder Joseph F. Wright, at the Semi-Centennial Celebration of the Church of Christ, Mt. Healthy, Ohio, October 13, 1889] My Friends: We are met to-day to celebrate the semi-centennial of this church. When Mr. Lincoln said, We are making history, he uttered a truism of much wider significance than he thought. […]

Archibald McLean

Lost Legacy: The Role of the Mt. Healthy Christian Church in the Development of the 19th Century Mission Societies

On April 2, 1860, the Mt. Healthy Christian Church reorganized itself under the leadership of Thomas Munnell after being  organized in 1839 by David S. Burnet and thriving for sixteen years before succumbing to division on the subject of slavery. This is the story of one church’s triumph over adversity to glorify the name of […]

David S. Burnet

Leaders Among Us: David Burnet’s Address to the Churches

As President of the first convention of Disciples of Christ churches, David Burnet oversaw the proceedings of the first delegates assembled in Cincinnati in October of 1849. The following address which is reprinted in Noel Keith’s biography of Burnet was composed by Burnet after the proceedings as a summary of the event and resulting actions. Keith […]

The Original Church Building

Refuge and Reconciliation: The Mt. Healthy Christian Church and the Underground Railroad

In Honor of Black History Month. . . . . Churches and congregations are often defined by the scope and depth of their Missions that share the Love of God by nurturing and caring for His children, especially in times of dire need and want. The Mt. Healthy Christian Church (nee Mt. Pleasant Church of […]


Daily Food Devotional for February 11 and 12


Daily Food Devotional for February 9 and 10


Daily Food Devotional for February 7 and 8


Daily Food Devotional for February 5 and 6


Daily Food Devotional for February 3 and 4


Daily Food Devotional for February 1 and 2


Daily Food Devotional for January 29 through 31


Daily Food Devotional for January 27 and 28


Daily Food Devotional for January 25 and 26


Daily Food Devotional for January 23 and 24


Daily Food Devotional for January 19 through January 22


Daily Food Devotional for January 17 and 18


Daily Food Devotional for January 15 and 16


Daily Food Devotional for January 13 and 14


Daily Food Devotional for January 11 and 12


Daily Food Devotional for January 9 and 10


Daily Food for January 7 and 8

Your Daily Food devotional entries for January 7 and 8. The Historian


Welcome to the Restorationist Roadshow™ MHCC

Welcome to the Restorationist Roadshow™ MHCC, the on-line Historical Archive  Exhibit of the Mt. Healthy Christian Church. The inaugural entry in the Roadshow is a daily devotional book from 1897, Daily Food. Since there are devotional entries, scripture and poetry, for every day of the year, Daily Food will become a regular feature in the […]


Daily Food (A Devotional) for January 1 – 6

For Christmas in 1897, Sunday school teacher Clifford Diserens gave each of his young students a pocket devotional book (publisher unknown) entitled Daily Food, filled with daily scripture and poetry. Here are the first six entries to start your year off right. The Historian


On A Mission from the Past. . . .

I’m on a Mission from the Past. I’ve been a life-long member of the Disciples of Christ (DOC) worship tradition, but it wasn’t until about five years ago that I began to understand the origins of that tradition. I grew up attending several Disciples of Christ churches where my Dad served as pastor or as […]

Elder Walter Scott

In Their Shadows. . . .

Historian’s Prologue: In a recent post, Christian publisher Isaac Erret described the character of his co-worker in the Restoration Movement, David S. Burnet. That address was given on the occasion of the Reunion and Memorial Services at the Central Christian Church in Cincinnati, 1875. James Challen, Burnet’s friend and co-worker, was asked to speak on […]

Thomas Munnell

Blessed Are the Peacemakers. . .

Prologue: Here follows the Continuation of Mr. Wright’s Semi-Centennial Historical Address. Through the wise and efficient labors of Elder Thomas Munnell, the church was revived after an interregnum of five years. In the spring of 1860, he visited Mt. Healthy and collected a few disciples together and induced them to organize themselves into a church. […]

Elder Isaac Lane

A Sad Alienation. . . .

Prologue: In his historical address, Elder Joseph Wright mentioned the difficulty in the church that led to dissension and division, ending in a five-year stoppage of services starting in 1855. Here follows an explanation of that division in a description of Elder Aaron Lane, one of the early leaders of the Mt. Healthy church, and […]

Elder Joseph Wright

In His Own Words . . . .

Historian’s Prologue: What better way is there to retell the early history of this congregation than to call on the voice of one of the church’s most distinguished and beloved Elders, Joseph F. Wright, who had the honor of presenting the history of the church at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in October, 1889? In this […]


Welcome. . .

Welcome to The Disciples Celebrationist™, an educational blog site that celebrates the history of the Disciples of Christ, the Protestant denomination that grew out of the Stone-Campbell (American Reformation, Restoration) Movement of nineteenth century America. This site edition of The Disciples Celebrationist™ is dedicated to topics related to the history of the Mt. Healthy Christian […]

Archibald McLean

Around the World with A. McLean Daily Food for October 3 through 8

Around the World with A. McLean Daily Food for October 3 through 8

On August 3, 1895, Archibald McLean began his historic circuit of the globe as a leader of missionaries commissioned by the Christian churches, Disciples of Christ. It is only fitting that we combine the Daily Food Devotional with passages from Mr. McLean’s historic travelogue. The Daily Food Devotion mini-book was presented by one of the […]

Daily Food Devotional

Announcing the 175th Anniversary of the Mt. Healthy Christian Church

Announcing the 175th Anniversary of the Mt. Healthy Christian Church

The Mt. Healthy Christian Church will celebrate 175 years of service on October 12, 2014. The church was founded on October 12, 1839 by David Burnet, a leader in the Stone-Campbell Movement. To celebrate this historic milestone, the church has invited the Reverend Dr. Newell Williams, President of Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University. Morning worship […]

David Burnet

Daily Food Devotional for July 25 through July 28

Daily Food Devotional for July 25 through July 28

“Mt. Healthy is noted as the home of Alice and Phoebe Cary. Here they were born and educated, and here they did much of their best work. The trees they planted, the well from which they drank, the house in which they lived,are objects of interest to their innumerable admirers. At the edge of the […]


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